Uncover the mystery of the general formula of bait


For our fishing people, usually, bait is one of our most concerned about. What is more, looking around for formula, according to the formula ratio, intact to various bait to buy a home, everything, careful, meticulous of according to the formula "magic bait" proportion. But the result is often sitting in the water, still can only watch others frequently ask for fish.

Two hundred and thirteen

In the author's opinion, I does not exclude the formulation of bait formulations, because these bait formula, a most is after the integration of the understanding of fish season, water regime and used for bait fishing, according to their own judgment, configure the speed type or relatively broad-spectrum type food group said. This "formula" in I looked like at least, still belongs to the products of conscience, because it than that of new optional collocation of food in terms of, whether it is composition complementary types of taste and level sense, penetration, temptation and promoting feeding, but as bait to open the state, and show a lot. Because in the configuration of the bait, the many of these parameters, for a fishing novice, is a headache, but there is no shortcut to go through the necessary process. But if we just started to learn fishing, the direct use of these mature configuration of a good fishing bait to fish, you can greatly reduce the difficulty of catching fish, so that fishing friends more quickly feel the fun of fishing. At the same time, more is to force yourself to practice basic skills, for example, that production line group, copy stickleback fish and so on. After all, the basic skills of fishing involves all aspects, we always have to go before we can run.

In the author's opinion, in fact, if can let the novice love fishing, the fishing friends more and more groups, so why not do it?! But I have to say, in the confusion of "fish", "sports circle" under the influence, all kinds of bad businesses have launched a "black heart" bait, and through more see not the light of means, will push the bait formula on the altar! This phenomenon is just contact for fishing beginners, is a kind of hurt! The unscrupulous businessmen and black "master" one day there will be a vast number of anglers spurned!


The author is not just, today we simply talk about the food formula in my eyes, as well as some of the skills of collocation food, hope to be able to just contact with friends of fishing, and provide some useful information. If you have different views, please feel free to exchange, because fishing is just a fun, you play a good communication with each other, and common progress.

Collocation principle of bait formula:

1 temporary call it the basis of bait. I do not tell you too far from the food history, just try to explain what it is good. Basic bait can also be called based bait, you can say that it is the largest proportion of the overall bait formula. But it is no Yidingzhigui, that is basic bait is not necessarily pure coarse food grain, we just take it as the foundation of the feed ratio.


Common is, of course, type grain bait, various grains (coke yellow flake, granular) with a certain flavor, the people can smell the taste, is not necessarily a taste of its own Oh, because there is a substance called essence, manufacturers can through with the essence of the match, to realize people smell the flavor. Pull away, the basic bait will usually choose to food based food based, such as a variety of "lure" bait.


It is the formula of fish to eat, eat the most of the material. Novice in the mix and match bait formula, I suggest you if it is in the regular season, wild fishing waters, fishing bottom fish (carp, carp, grass carp, black carp, etc) can be the amount of the basic bait used to 50% ~ 80%, must pay attention to what I give you to set the premise of oh.


Oh right, in the fishing culture of fish, the basic bait is all kinds of breeding particles.

2 flavor bait, there are a lot of call it, what the main bait and so on. Mention flavor type, may be a lot of fishing friends began to pan, do not be afraid, we simply sort out. Flavor type actually refers to people smell the taste, in other words the is to take a relatively strong taste, to lure in the water the fish swim to the dens for the purpose. The taste is mostly by the flavor (today's small fishing medicine mixing, truly pure natural matter content actually is often very low, because of the natural material is difficult to maintain such persistence, fact or for the price of the consideration. Even if the natural spices can reach the requirements of flavor type intensity, but who are willing to put into the cost of the production and use of it? So the essence of it. Back to the theme, the application of flavor type bait, is a good bait in collocation, mainly showing what kind of flavor type. This type of intensity is consistent with the intensity of fish in the water, it depends on the experience and constantly try to verify the. The writer of the article is to give a suggestion value as a reference, the new friends can choose one to two, you can obvious smell the taste of food, flavor bait. Such as strawberry flavor, milk flavor, and so on, to maintain the words can be maintained at 10~30%.


Remind you, oh, fishy bait is flavor bait, (what palatability, addicted to export, promote food such as we should not be ignored, Za not talking about here, said many novice too easily confused, to do the some basic popularization is good).

3 state bait. Based on the author's understanding and experience of fishing, all can change the bait