Analysis on the skills of using homemade fermented stinky bait when fishing


We in the reservoir or wild fish in the river, most fishing friends will choose to use homemade bait as nest material and bait, it is because in natural waters, the pure natural bait to accepted by the fish in the water. Wild fishing masters will often take rapeseed, soybean meal, the invasion of water bubbles, the slightly fermented sour; worse still choose the depth of food fermentation, smelly (the smell here just said person smells, I own that fish for flavor type judgment is only different taste of molecular vibration frequencies and molecular vibrational wavelength only, of course need not too entanglements this). Wild caught using this homemade fermented lightly or deep fermentation of bait, if the pursuit of atomization of the deployment, then it is easy to catch silver carp and bighead carp; if we blend slightly control atomizing added some other ingredients (such as fine grain, high protein food), you can catch most of the omnivorous fish. In the reservoir in fishing (long-term a large number of the nest material feeding in a small area, as a hideout, everyone stationed in the long term here fishing), can use this homemade fermented feed, then mixed with plenty of whole grain of corn grain, wheat, playing a large brood of pre-set period feeding 2 days, about 20 kg a day, 3-5 days began using parabolic rods on hook or is explosive hook fishing, enough for 7 to 10 days in fishing. Are often able to harvest large black carp, grass carp, carp, silver carp and Bighead Carp and other fish, this in the reservoir using homemade fermented bait playing Wo, fishing has become the technique of choice for lovers of wild fish the!

Fermented food

Simple self made fermentation type (odor bait) using techniques:

To avoid the effect of atomization and atomization effect
1. Homemade stink bait from the flavor concentration and feed form can be divided into two kinds: one kind is mainly used for fishing silver carp and bighead carp of wheat bran, rapeseed cake and other food bait, bait will choose clastic bait the bait is very fierce, can be described as silver carp and Bighead Carp kill bait; another kind is the pursuit of shape and flavor type, mainly to the depth of the fermentation (strong smell of wheat, corn and so the whole pieces of food production, the bait is low, can effectively in wild fish silver carp and Bighead Carp Wo, and use its strong flavor characteristics, can effectively attract large size target fish's attention.

Silver carp and Bighead Carp

2. The use of homemade fermented stinky bait to catch silver carp and bighead carp, wo bait, to 70 per cent of fermented food. Additionally some high atomization merchandise bait can be. So the deployment of food, flavor type, the effect of strong feed atomization. To catch silver carp and bighead carp, does not need to shift to an earlier date a few days to Wo, fishing along with because of silver carp and bighead carp in the filter feeding fish, it is easy to will be taste and atomization attracted to dens near. Just select fishing should pay attention to, if fishing water is water JINWOZI to play in the upstream, and fishing to be set in the downstream, the distance to the velocity of the water and feed atomizing speed to a flexible adjustment can be.

Merchandise bait

3. The use of homemade fermented stinky bait bottom fishing, playing Wo luring fish bait, take fermented food to 50%, in addition to add sink to the bottom well, bedding area of merchandise bait can be breeding particles, pure food scraps, any grain can be. This is done mainly in order to be able to play the double effects of fish and fish. While in the reservoir main catch the bottom of the big fish, you need a few days ahead of the layout of the nest, so as to effectively lure the bottom of the fish into the nest.

Bean cake

4. In the reservoir using homemade fermented stinky bait lay a good position, adjust the bait configuration we also need to pay attention to several skills. The first is to try to unify the flavor type, such as the use of micro fermentation acid bait nest, it should be as far as possible to use acid bait to catch, because the wild fish is very sensitive to the change of flavor. Secondly we must adjust good bait, bait here refers to the is and wo use bait state differentiated, to hook, softness, coarse flour and rice mix ratio, special flavor ingredients of supplement and so on, and their respective needs us in their diet collocation to remember.

Today, the author mainly introduces the application of homemade bait in the fermentation of smelly bait, we might as well try, if the smell is very mind, you can use micro fermentation of acid bait. The author advocates the use of Natural Homemade bait in natural waters, is because in the reservoir, the river wild fish for fermented food with special fondness; second, out of environmental considerations, pure natural homemade bait can nature normal break down, and after processing, after the feed additives, intangible are a kind of destruction of the natural environment. I wish you all in the new year, fishing full bar!