Key points in summer and autumn in shallow water fishing snakehead


Blackfish called snakehead fish, fish mullet, filial piety. Its shape like a long cylinder, back brown black, from dorsal to ventral fin has three lines of irregular black line, is a carnivorous fish, the fish feed on fish, aquatic insects, shrimp, loach, eel and frog, predation action very quickly. The egg in the bushes in the prolific snakehead, juvenile eggs, tadpole shape. Both in the vicinity of the ovary and V snakehead juveniles, in order to protect the ovary and juvenile. In summer, the snakehead love hiding in under the lotus leaf and thick grass, if you find the prey to the mouth, then the fast food.

The biggest feature is: Black ferocious temperament, child care, a strong attack, its mouth large, special fish and frog. The summer is generally hidden in the weeds, the winter will be hidden in the mud or grass in the body. According to the living habits of snakehead, different seasons, fishing snakehead must adopt different methods.

The best fishing snakehead fishing in different seasons

Key points in summer and autumn fishing snakehead:

1. In late spring and early summer, the beginning of climate warming, shallow water beach, reeds and water temperature rise faster, blackfish after living through the winter began migrating quiet shallow part of the sun (commonly known as sun flower), sometimes blackfish even the dorsal fin is also exposed water surface, commonly known as "bask". We in this season fishing snakehead, bullfrog legs, loach, crack the shell of screw as bait, bait fresh as possible. Just because the winter fish need to add strength, we want to catch it, it should be "urgent need fish"!

Fishing snakehead

2. Until late April until late August, this time is snakehead mating and oviposition period, which is jointly determined by the water temperature and environmental factors, in different regions of China, there are differences. But generally every year five, June is the fish spawning season. Snakehead will lay their eggs in the overgrown areas, they will gnaw away the weeds first, followed by the tail and body will be off the grass swept and formed a round light tunnel, here is the blackfish spawn selected the nest. Normally 1.5-2.5 kilograms of black will have the size of Yu Wo wash basin, and 1 kg of black Fishbed only sized size. Therefore, according to the size of the brood can basically determine the severity of snakehead. When blackfish spawn after, there will be very obvious protecting nest habits, any near black Yu Wo biological, would have been the snakehead attack. In fact, this is why catch blackfish common frogs feed the root cause of the frogs will black predator fish eggs, the snakehead fish populations to decrease; and once grew up snakehead and smoking frog, you can say that they are of a typical natural enemies. Then the fishing snakehead in this season, what bait not self-evident! We in the summer fishing, can pay attention to look like water, see if you can figure a snakehead.

Fishing snakehead

The start of the 3 year at the end of August, the prime time to fall fishing. Snakehead will start eating a lot to charge the entity to prepare for the winter, it will have habitat and migration regularity. When sooner or later, the temperature difference is large, the morning temperature usually relatively low. When the sun comes out, the temperature in the shallow water area will have increased significantly, then snakehead and in spring, the more easily in the shallows infested; and one day in the higher water temperature at noon, snakehead fish will swim to the deep water area to avoid the high temperature of the intrusion. Therefore, we in the autumn fishing snakehead when, early and late to choose from the shore near the shallow water area, the best there is grass or reeds; but in the middle of the day, or try to search the deep water area, are either the best early resumption of staff. After all, we advocate rational fishing leisure.